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Please do not reproduce Heinlein writings beyond fair use limits without permission. It is illegal.

No matter how justified you think you are - and over the years, I've heard every excuse and justification there is - it hurts everyone. I have it on the best of authority that Mr. Heinlein would not approve, no matter how much good you think you are doing his memory, his legacy, or any of the current holders of his literary rights.

The rights and proceeds from the majority of his works benefit nonprofit organizations and charitable trusts, so your "borrowing" is taking income from parties Robert and Virginia Heinlein specifically intended to benefit. Please do help spread the enjoyment of Robert Heinlein's works to new audiences... but please do it fairly.

Again, thanks.

Unless otherwise specifically noted, all written material credited to a third party (Mark Twain, et al.) is in the public domain.

Excerpts from the works of Robert Heinlein are either reproduced within fair use guidelines, or specific permission to reproduce has been obtained and will be noted on this page.

The essay "When is a Spaceship Not a Spaceship?" is copyright 1995 by Terry Rossio.

Thanks to Gil Lamont for providing me with the text files for the two Mark Twain essays.

The "Heinlein Day" audio clips were originally provided by Beth Ager and reprocessed slightly for clarity.

The article "A House to Make Life Easy" is copied from the June 1952 Popular Mechanics magazine, and the article "Rocket to the Moon" is copied from the May 1950 Popular Mechanics. Both ares believed to be in the public domain. My thanks to James Nowotarski for sacrificing his copies of these magazines to make these fine scans.

The page of the "Between Planets" comic adaptation is copied from the April 1978 Boys' Life magazine and appears here under "fair use" terms. To my undying shame, I have lost track of who sent me this scan and will post the credit as soon as it turns up.

The essay "Heinlein's Dedications" is copyright 2002 by The Heinlein Journal and is reproduced here with the permission of the Heinlein Journal and the authors, Jane Davitt and Tim Morgan.

Although I have tried to credit each of them in the specific instances where I have referenced their work, I owe a more general statement of thanks to Bill Patterson, Robert James, Phillip Owenby and the late Thomas Perry. Besides the specific points I can credit, I've absorbed a lot from their published works, unpublished research they've been kind enough to share, and correspondence with them over the years.

Notice of missing or insufficient credit or copyright notice for any element in this site will be gratefully received and acted upon.