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Robert & Virginia Heinlein's
Colorado Springs House - 2009 Update

The house has been renovated and enlarged at least once. The bomb shelter, built in early 1963 (after Heinlein announced they had no shelter at SeaCon, Labor Day 1962), apparently survives in almost original condition, but the house was extensively renovated and expanded in 1981, with a second floor larger than the original footprint added. The original house, now the first floor, retains the same floor plan, but there are varying reports about how much of the original interior remain. At least some of Heinlein's clever details and fittings have been removed or replaced, while some others remain.

Horace Hall was kind enough to pull the publicly filed floor plans for the house and create this composite illustration of its current layout (as of May 2009, when the house was up for sale).

(Right-click and View Image for a slightly larger version.)


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