The Future History Charts of Robert Heinlein (1939-1967)

(It is reported that there is an earlier version of the chart than G.000a, handwritten on the back of a used navigation chart.)
Handwritten chart from 1939, G.000a. This is the upper half only; the lower half continues the typed dates but has no other content.
FH Chart 1939 (G.000a)

The reverse of the entire 1939 chart, the lower half of one of Heinlein's campaign posters.
FH Chart Reverse image

Version published in ASF, May 1941, G.000b
FH Chart 1941 (G.000b)

Version published in 1950 Shasta editions, G.000d. (Version G.000c is identical except that “We Also Walk Dogs”; is omitted.)
FH Chart 1950 (G.000d)

Version published in 1967 Past Through Tomorrow (and nearly all subsequent publications), G.000e
FH Chart 1967 (G.000e)

Courtesy Nitrosyncretic Press, 2011