Postcards, Electric Park, Kansas City 1906/1909

These two postcards show Kansas City's "Electric Park" as it appeared in the first decade of the 20th century, during Heinlein's childhood and as it would have appeared during the visit described in Time Enough for Love.

The date of these cards and their images is not certain, but the upper card (Mystic Shute) is postmarked 1906, while the lower (flower beds) is postmarked 1909.

(If any deltiologists care to unearth the details and send them my way, the information will be posted with credit and gratitude. The 1906 card is marked "A 6024 Published by The South West News Company, Kansas City, Mo., Leipzig, Dresden." The 1909 card is marked "Manufactured in [Othman Express? - obscured by handwriting] for I.I. Norton, Electric Park, Kansas City, Mo." and "0153.")


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