Boys' Life Comics Adaptation of
Between Planets

This adaptation of Between Planets appeared as single-page installments in seventeen issue of Boys' Life magazine between April 1978 and August 1979. The adapting writer and artist(s) are unknown.

On the one hand, this story fits well with the magazine's audience and is much like Heinlein's other, more overt "Scouting" stories. On the other hand, the adaptation is... peculiar.

Some elements are preserved almost perfectly - "doggedly" is probably not too strong a term. Other elements are changed. Some of these changes are obvious and necessary - since Mars and Venus, the original settings of the story, are nothing like Heinlein's fictional account, moving the action to other planets is sensible. However, other changes such as the obscurative renaming of places and things - "Dhon Harphy" for "Don Harvey"; "Nu Shikaco" for "New Chicago" - are pretty bizarre.

I may seek permission to post the entire series here, but for now, this page gives a good overall impression of the series.

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