Heinlein Centennial Souvenir Book

Heinlein Centennial Souvenir Book
Authors Robert A. Heinlein & many other contributors
Produced by the Heinlein Centennial Event Committee
James Gifford, General Editor
Publication July 2007
Edition Softcover, 42 pages, 8½ x 11 inches
Issued without ISBN/SSBN. No cover price established.
Quality paper with laminated cover and durable saddle-stitched binding.
Description This book was produced as a premium attendee gift and collectible for the Robert A. Heinlein Centennial held in Kansas City, Missouri over the weekend of July 6-7-8, 2007. It contains a large amount of previously unpublished and unreprinted material by Heinlein as well as commentaries written by a number of the event guests and organizers. It also includes an article with the first disclosure of Heinlein's first wife, with pictures... and much, much more.
Limited quantities of this book remain available for general sale.
  • Cover: Constellation Heinlein
  • The Man
    • Robert Heinlein's page from the 1929 Annapolis Yearbook
    • Biography: Robert Anson Heinlein (William H. Patterson Jr., based on [ ])
    • Third Time's a Charm(er): Robert Heinlein's Three Wives
  • The Works
    • “How to Write a Story”
    • “The Last Adventure”
    • “Week-End Watch”
    • “Atlantis”
    • A Letter to the US Navy Urging Development of Rockets
    • “If You Don't See It, Just Ask: A Preview for Playboys”
  • The Legacy
    • Robert A. Heinlein Remembered: Essays from the Centennial
      • James Gunn
      • Jeanne & Spider Robinson
      • Frederik Pohl
      • David Brin
      • Allen Steele
      • Eleanor Wood
      • L. Neil Smith
      • Jess Sponable
      • Peter Scott
      • John Scalzi
      • James Gifford
      • Jordin Kare
      • William Bruner
      • Mike Sheffield

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