The Martian Named Smith

The Martian Named Smith
Authors William H. Patterson Jr.
& Andrew Thornton
Publication July 2001
Edition Softcover, 224 pages, 6x9 inches
ISBN 0-9679874-2-3, US$18.00
Quality archival-grade paper and durable binding.
Description This outstanding new book will change everything you thought you knew about Robert Heinlein's most famous novel. Forty years after its first appearance, Patterson and Thornton have exposed the complex structure of this magificent contribution to American literature, and demolished Heinlein's disingenuous claim to be a mere storyteller. For the first time, behold Stranger in all its glory: as a masterwork of satire and social commentary.
  • Part One:His Maculate Conception”
    • Stranger in Context
    • Heinlein and the Culture of Science Fiction
    • Composition and Publishing History
  • Part Two:His Preposterous Heritage”
    • Satire as a Literary Form
    • The Technique of Satire: Ironic Inversion
    • Ironic Dualism
    • Certainties Destroyed: Ironic Use of Irony
    • Stranger as Myth
    • Myth, Satire, Realism
    • The Apollonian/Dionysian Dichotomy
  • Part Three:His Eccentric Education”
    • Subjects of the Satire
    • Sex and Religion
    • Heterodoxy and Orthodoxy: A Paradoxical Dialectic
    • Synthesis of Religions
    • Fosterism as Foil for CAW
    • Anagogy in Stranger
    • Carnival and Monkey House
    • Philosophy and Logos
    • Esthetic Theory
    • Minor Digressions
  • Part Four:His Scandalous Career”
    • Martyrdom...
  • Part Five:His Happy Destiny”
    • ...and Transfiguration: Stranger as Text

  • Appendix: The Significance of Names in Stranger

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