Heinlein Nexus has been discontinued!

With the return of the Heinlein Society as a viable community organization, the need for an alternate organization has diminished. Heinlein Nexus has been discontinued as an active effort. This web page will remain available for archival and historical purposes for as long as it is appropriate, although not all links and features may remain fully functional.

We direct all Heinlein readers, fans, scholars and supporters to the newly reorganized and vibrant Heinlein Society, and recommend your full support and membership there.

Welcome to the Next Century of Robert Heinlein...

The first 100 years of Robert A. Heinlein concluded in July 2007 with the Heinlein Centennial celebration in Kansas City.

After some time to catch our breath from that effort and watch the results take hold, we're back to help lay the groundwork for the next century. Heinlein Nexus is the essential structure of Heinlein Centennial — refreshed, renewed and re-charged with the ongoing mission and purpose that fostered the Centennial celebration.

Whereas Heinlein Centennial was focused on a single year, event and milestone, Heinlein Nexus is focused on the entire future of Robert A. Heinlein and the Heinlein community — on his many legacies and on all those who are interested in their development.

One of the proudest results of the Centennial was how it brought together, for the first time, all of Heinlein's diverse interests in fiction, futurism, politics, spaceflight and more. The same stage held one of Heinlein's greatest fan-admirer-colleagues, Spider Robinson, and the NASA Administrator, as well as several of the most important movers and shakers in the private spaceflight sector. There were well-attended panels and presentations on every aspect of Heinlein's life, career and legacies. Most of all, there were special sparks struck only because certain people from diverse corners of the community were placed in contact.

The Centennial will be warmly remembered by all those who attended, and is cherished by those who took away connections and contacts of lasting value. Its only fault is that it was too short… and it is over.

Heinlein Nexus has been formed from the essential elements of what led to the Centennial celebration with the continuing purpose of bringing the Heinlein community together. Our objective is to eliminate the distance between community members, between individual visions and between different modes of thought to continue to foster the special sense of community and connection that began in Kansas City.

First-Time Visitors

As so many of you are making your first visit here, let us suggest that you begin with our Mission Statement, then our About page (especially the Who is Heinlein Nexus? section) and finally our Membership page.

When you're ready to interact with the growing community here, the NexusForum awaits you. And if you're interested in helping fill out the online infobanks here, or are looking for accurate Heinlein information, look into the NexusWiki.

We hope that each of these pages holds surprises for you, as does every return visit here.

Welcome to the new home of the worldwide Heinlein community!

Site Changes

This site was first launched using basic web pages like what you now see. After a long experiment with a "live" web platform, we finally decided that its advantages were greatly outweighed by its slow performance and security problems. So we've dumped the fancy-dancy stuff and are back to fast, clean and reasonably bulletproof HTML again.

As part of the re-conversion, we have pulled down some of the material for at least a time. Look for this material to be restored in a future update. However, updates to the site will happen when the site is updated — further deponent sayeth not.

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