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Update, July 2009: The Centennial continues... as Heinlein Nexus.
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The First 100 Years...
The Next 100 Years

July 7, 2007 — 07/07/07 — was the birth centennial of American author, futurist, philosopher and spaceflight advocate Robert A. Heinlein.

Over that weekend, a grand event was held in Heinlein's home town of Kansas City, Missouri. You'll find a fairly complete wrap-up of the event in the Kansas City 2007 pages. We invite you to browse, learn and — for those of you lucky enough to have attended — remember.

Into the Second Century

The Centennial wrapped up the first century of Robert Heinlein's life and legacies in grand style. However, for every aspect of that event that was an ending, another aspect was a beginning. Those of us who planned and staged the Centennial event deeply believe that our brief blaze of light was a marker between major eras in the ongoing history of Heinlein's legacy, and that for all the wonders and delight of the first hundred years, the best is yet to come.

For a time, we thought that the Heinlein Centennial organization itself would be a carrier of that fire into the future. For one reason and another, though, we've found it best to let this organization retire from the scene, resting securely on its laurels and years of hard work, and let others take up the effort.

This Website

This website is meant to be a final archival presence. There are no more planned updates. We invite you to bookmark, revisit and share this site, but please have no expectations of seeing new material here. Heinlein Centennial is done; it's up to you now. All email and other services for the domain have been discontinued.


There are still a few of the fabulous Centennial Souvenir Books available, but with the termination of Heinlein Centennial Inc. as a business entity, we had no way to continue selling them. As part of the termination process, the remaining books were released to Nitrosyncretic Press, where they will continue to be available until sold out. All proceeds from their sales will go forward into worthy Heinlein efforts.

As for the other remnants of the 2007 Centennial event, be assured that all materials are in good archival hands and will become available as soon as... well, read this and think about it. And consider joining the ongoing discussion of the Centennial and Robert Heinlein at the NitroForum!


Thanks to everyone who made the 2007 Centennial a success. So long!

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